Pei Ling Chan Gallery
SCAD – Savannah – Georgia
Juillet 2007

In Pei Ling Chan Gallery, Lorella Abenavoli, made an installation where public could hear in real time the movment of the Earth. The Gallery is connected to five seismic sensor on the world : five light bulbs, five sound sequences. When the Gallery is connected to a seismic sensor, a light simultaneously with the sound, start to vibrate, following the rythms of the terrestrial movements. Each sound sequence run during 5 minutes until lighting of with the light bulb and after a short silence a new one, coming from a new place on the earth is starting. Like a music instrument the earth is vibrating in different way according its consistance, its materiality… Each sequences sounds variously according the location of the sensor, the singular activity of the Earth when public is visiting. Is a real time art work.

Network web : High speed internet = 1Mo mini (a second one during the installation from the 27th of january to the 1st of february). Connection open ( VNC) (between my french ingeneer and Pulse of the earth connection) with IP and ports number Computer hardware : Computer Macintosh G5 ou Macintel – Max OS X.4, monitor (flat screen), modem and ethernet port integrated, specific software : Max-msp, fire wire’s sound card (DIGI002). Audio : Console 6 tracks, audio amplifier with equalizer (4 independant channels + 2 for the woofers), 4 powerful loudspeakers, two woofer(s) (from 20Hz), power cable, and audio cables. Light : 5 traditionnal bulbes from 100 to 150 watts, 5 sockets, 5 cables (200m), graduator 5pt XLR, DMX512usb, USB connection. DMX transforms the digital data from the seismic signals into electrical data to the graduator ; all this is working thanks to a patch programmed by Robin Meyer with Max-Msp.

Celina Jeffrey